Luigi Smash Bros Wii U

Luigi may not adorn the front of many game boxes, nor have the prominent role of his bro Mario, but for a hardy group of fans - including this writer - he's always number one. It's the underdog spirit, being the other brother, that makes him easy to root for.

Of course, his mannerisms and style make him perfect for the weird world of the internet, and he's often revered for doing nothing. Mario Party fans know only too well that Luigi has the power to stand still and still win minigames - such is the power of his personality.

Now Omega Tyrant has shown that Luigi's skills also extend to the brutal battlefields of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Opening each fight with a slightly weary "let's a'go", the green one simply lets his opponents struggle to live with his aura, that undefinable presence that makes him the master on any stage, where opponents willingly lay down their lives after one look into his eyes. That's the authority of the man.

Either that or this YouTuber spent an inordinate number of hours recording match after match in the hope that level 9 CPU opponents would eventually die in daft ways as Luigi looks on. Yeah, that's probably it.

So, here it is, Luigi beating every member of the new Smash Bros. roster on level 9... by doing nothing.