Assuming that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata doesn't appear in this year's E3 Digital Event and ask us to "please understand", we should have a new Star Fox game for Wii U this year. We may know very little about it, but we won't deny that it's pretty near the top of our hype list for the upcoming LA event.

There'll be plenty of chat around the franchise, then, which will naturally take minds back to its previous releases. Those that love a bit of debate may turn to small details, which is exactly what the The Game Theorists YouTube Channel has done in its latest video. It considers the metal legs seen on the crew in Star Fox 64, in particular, and the theory that these anthropomorphic animals had their legs removed to deal with G-Forces when performing all of those Barrel Rolls and loops.

Except, that's probably not the reason. As always below is a mix of humour and actual science, which is always entertaining when applied to a game starring talking animals that fly spacecraft.