Splatoon Screen

A week ago we shared a TV commercial for Splatoon that had been released by North America, which replaced the funky tunes of the game with a new effort that featured some rather simplistic lyrics. It didn't go down well with everyone, but with a target audience of young gamers and - arguably - the Disney TV crowd, it made a good deal of sense.

Since then two more of these TV commercials have been released. First up is "Squid Kid", below, which this writer doesn't feel is particularly catchy and, again, has pretty poor lyrics.

Yet the most recent TV spot, "Ink It Up", seems a good deal better; to these ears the tune and lyrics are an improvement.

These commercials undoubtedly show off the different aspects of the game, and considering the fact that this marketing in North America is employing stars of Disney TV shows and real-life 'splatting' events, there's at least consistent messaging. If playing on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, these are the sorts of commercials that arguably make an impression.

In any case, that Ink It Up commercial has warmed us up to the campaign a little. What do you think of this marketing for Splatoon?