NES Setup

Whether you're hoping to dig into some more obscure titles, or want to fully relive the days of flickering tv screens and boxy controllers, there's still plenty to be said for hooking up the original NES and getting a properly authentic experience. Unfortunately, Nintendo's first home console isn't the easiest to work with if you're hoping to get some pristine pixels out of your display, so it's definitely worth doing some research if you want to make the most out of your nostalgia trip.

Thankfully, Youtube channel My Life In Gaming has produced a brilliantly informative video that both lists and evaluates the best options for playing NES classics in the modern day. Focusing on several different systems, modding opportunities and official emulation, it's an in-depth exploration that may seem a touch overwhelming for anyone just looking to make use of their CRT. If you're eager to get the best possible picture, however, then there's some great advice to be had.

Of particular note is a brief mention of Nintendo's own Virtual Console service, which runs on current-gen consoles. While there's no denying its accessibility, a noticeably darkened image is the unfortunate trade-off, which leaves NES titles looking muddier than usual.

The full video, detailing the history of the console and providing plenty of comparative footage, is definitely worth a watch, so check it out below and leave a comment to let us know what you think!