The Digital Foundry team makes its living by delving into the minutiae of detail over a game's performance, looking at visual effects, resolution and frame rate among other factors. It did just that for Mario Kart 8 last year when it launched, and was full of praise for Nintendo's racer. In addition to being an attractive game on the Wii U, it was confirmed that our eyes weren't deceiving us when referencing a silky-smooth 60 frames-per-second performance in single player or two-player races.

Well, technically it was pointed out that the frame rate can dip to 59fps, but that's nit-picking of the most extreme variety.

Since then we've had DLC, of course, with the second pack arriving just recently. While our own eyeballs can draw the conclusion that this new content lives up to the standards of the core game, it's nevertheless interesting to see whether it is - on a technical level - fully up to scratch.

This frame rate test video of the new tracks is worth a watch, then, though we're scandalised to see moments of 58 fps - tut tut, Nintendo.