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Is there a better feeling in life than pulling your beloved 3DS out of your bag and seeing that reassuring green glow which indicates that StreetPasses await within? No, no there is not. And now thanks to the industrious guys and gals at Keys Factory, you can protect your console yet still see quite clearly when there's some sweet, sweet StreetPass goodness on offer.

The Signal Pouch not only fends off bumps and scrapes, but has a transparent window so you can see right away if you've been StreetPassed - without having to remove the console from the case.

Signal Pouch for New 3 Ds Ll Red 401991. 2
Signal Pouch for New 3 Ds Ll Blue 401979. 3
Signal Pouch for 3 Ds Ll Blue 335835. 3

The Signal Pouch is available now from Play-Asia and comes in regular and XL sizes, as well as a range of colours. We want several.

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