The Wii U eShop continues to attract fresh developers, some with ambitious ideas, and TACS Games appears to be in this category with Quadcopter Pilot Challenge.

Based on the small toy craft of that name, this title appears to aim for a blend of Pilotwings-style challenges and ambitious use of the GamePad. Inspired by quadcopters that come equipped with mounted cameras and screens in the controllers, this adopts a third-person camera on the TV and that on-board camera view on the GamePad. The trailer below focuses on the TV view, but it gives you an idea of how this is shaping up.

There'll apparently be over "200 challenges in 7 modes", along with three difficulty levels - the easier setting has protective prop guards on the copter, the middle setting makes these guards destructible, while the toughest setting is designed for the craft to drift and handle realistically, while also forcing you to use the GamePad view and a camera angle 'from the ground' for extra realism.

This project is nearly complete and due to be submitted to Nintendo of America "in the next couple of weeks", with Europe to follow.

It's certainly an ambitious project - will you be keeping an eye on its flight path?