Yooka and Laylee can't help but grin at their success

It's pretty safe to say that Yooka-Laylee is shaping up to be a massive success. After meeting its initial funding goal in less than forty minutes, Yooka-Laylee went on to become the fastest Kickstarter game to pass the $1 million mark. Evidently, gamers around the world really want another N64-style platformer, as even now the title continues surging forward, sitting at just over $2.3 million at the time of writing. This means that the final stretch goal at £2 million (roughly $3.1 million) will likely be passed and the reward will be: post-release DLC.

In an update posted recently on the site, the developers were keen to emphasise that this will not be day one DLC that some companies (*cough*Ubisoft*cough*) are quite fond of. This will be additional content developed after the game is released that will build upon what will almost certainly be an already fantastic game. The best thing is, the first round of this DLC will be given away for free to all backers of the project if the goal is reached. Here's the full quote:

Smashing it up like a student in Yates's, Yooka-Laylee backers have strawpedo'd their way through the latest stretch goal, and so now an orchestral soundtrack will be enjoyed by all. But before you stumble towards the high street intending to disseminate a large donner meat and chips – wait, because there's more...

The entire Playtonic team would like to offer its sincere thanks to everyone who has backed the Yooka-Laylee campaign so far. Our intention from the beginning was to use Kickstarter as a means to improve our game, and by helping us reach an incredible £1.5 million you've shaped it into one fine specimen.

From the start of the campaign we also pledged to do best by your amazing support by only setting stretch goals that would improve the game, without negatively affecting core development.

Our next stretch goal, if reached, will be used only to further improve and polish Yooka-Laylee, and give something back for your amazing support. Namely, we'll release our first post-release DLC pack free of charge for all backers.

When – and only when – we've finished and shipped the full version of Yooka-Laylee, we'll start work on additional content that will be distributed to backers free of charge for their platform of choice. And again, all additional funding will of course go towards improving and polishing the game.

After this, that's probably it for stretch goals; but perhaps Playtonic will think up something even better to offer for another stretch goal, should this one be passed as well.

Did you back Yooka-Laylee? What do you think of the decision to do post-release DLC? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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