We believe that history will be kind to the Wii U's games library, which has already amassed some intriguing exclusives and some series-best releases. For any gamer buying a Wii U right now there's an impressive back catalogue to take on, and that applies to existing owners that haven't been keeping up with releases, too.

Nintendo UK is keen to celebrate this, so has released a sizzle reel to highlight many - but certainly not all - of the standout games on the system.

This is part of a social media campaign, too, for all you cool kids on Twitter. As explained on the official website you can vote for your favourite Wii U game; it can be absolutely anything, including eShop-only titles. Nintendo UK is planning to compile a top 10 with the results and award ten random voters with a prize of £50 in eShop credit.

You vote on Twitter by simply tweeting the game name and hashtags #WiiU and #PlayOn. The prizes will only be offered to UK residents that are over 13 years old, though as it's Twitter anyone can vote and take part.

So, what is you're absolute favourite Wii U game? It's not easy to choose...