We recently ran a feature on Star Fox 2, one of Nintendo's most famous cancelled projects. This SNES-based sequel had all the ingredients to be a sure-fire classic, but never made it to market. However, there's another game in the company's past which had the potential to be even more interesting - largely because it involved the talents of Shigesato Itoi (Mother), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda) and Tsunekazu Ishihara (Pokémon).

Originally announced in 1997, Cabbage - for that is its name - was intended to launch on the 64DD system, an add-on device which linked to the N64 console and stored data on magnetic discs. The game was basically Nintendo's take on the virtual pet craze which was sweeping the globe at the time, and would have used the 64DD's internal clock to keep track of time even when you weren't playing. In another neat twist, you would have been able to transfer your pet to your Game Boy console and carry it around with you during the day, Tamagotchi-style. There were also plans to release expansion discs which would add in more items - such as toys for your creature to play with - at a later date.

Sadly, Cabbage never really went beyond the planning stage. No screenshots or videos exist of the title, and in a 2006 interview Miyamoto stated that Itoi and Ishihara had to move onto other projects. The fact that the 64DD was a commercial bomb wouldn't have helped Cabbage's chances, either.

It's a shame that we never got to see what these three legendary developers could come up with when working together, but we guess they can be forgiven - they've given us enough cool stuff already.

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