This bizarre bit of trolling from Bill Trinen makes sense in light of the E3 reveals - check out all the details of Nintendo's E3 plans here.

Original Article:

News has just broken that Bill Trinen - one of video gaming's most recognisable faces and the man so often seen at Shigeru Miyamoto's side - has apparently left Nintendo of America. Or has he?

Trinen made the announcement with a simple tweet, and has updated his Twitter profile with the words "Used to work at Nintendo".

Trinen had been employed as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nintendo of America, and joined the company back in the '90s. His first project was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

He later joined Nintendo's Treehouse division, and in more recent years has presented Nintendo Direct broadcasts as well as appearing on stage at E3 events, translating Miyamoto's comments.

Almost as soon as the tweet was live, Trinen posted this and changed his profile to read "I still work at Nintendo":

Just what the heck is happening?!

Is Bill merely pulling our collective legs? Or has he really left the company he has done so much to define and humanise, perhaps to explore other areas while doing some work for Nintendo? Share your thoughts below.

UPDATE: It as all a big joke!