It pains us to say it, with pangs of jealousy that are almost overwhelming, but Xenoblade Chronicles X arrives in Japan very soon. The sizeable adventure will bring the series into a new setting and with a host of fresh systems and mechanics, all in lovely HD.

With release approaching Nintendo has unleashed another video to show it off, this time adopting the dramatic story-driven approach that marketing for massive RPGs can often take. We imagine that if we knew half of what was going on it'd be vaguely spoilerific, but it's great to see a lot of new footage; it helps us to grasp how the game's main alien threat shapes up in attacking New Los Angeles and beyond.

There are battles, anguished glances, stare-downs, speeches, Dolls / Mechs galore, and a cat. Cats confirmed (again), all else is secondary.

If you want an unofficial English dub of this trailer there's one below, just note that it's not from Nintendo.