SEGA Genesis

The 'console wars' of the '90s are the stuff of legend for some, and an important part of personal gaming history for those of us 'of an age'. Unless you were rather flush there were decent odds back then of being in one camp or the other - the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive or the Super Nintendo / SNES. Friendships were born and destroyed over the choice, and playground bragging over exclusives or which had "better games" were all the rage.

That 16-bit era was undoubtedly SEGA's golden era, in which it successfully took on Nintendo's market dominance and stole many gamer's hearts. The Genesis was the epitome of cool, and the brand battle between Nintendo and SEGA brought 'grown-up' gaming, admittedly mainly through teenagers, to the mainstream.

Did You Know Gaming has done a video on SEGA's system, covering age ratings controversies, the origins of its tech and that famous marketing. Check it out below and let us know what you think.