SteamWorld Heist could be a download highlight of 2015, with the follow-up - not sequel - to SteamWorld Dig heading to Wii U and 3DS alongside a host of other platforms. 2D strategy takes the place of digging and jumping, while steampunk will be heading into outer space.

The Image & Form blog is posting regular updates, and the latest article shows off The Scrappers, which are familiar enemies to those that have watched footage or played demos so far.

Meet the Scrappers Steam World Heist

Though appearances will vary due to the game being procedurally generated by nature, each will have different strengths.

Steam World Heist Ripper Scrappers

Rippers are weak but attack in numbers.

Steam World Heist Chopper Scrappers

Choppers are "smarter and able to handle more potent weaponry".

Steam World Heist Crusher Scrappers

Finally, Crushers are rather like tanks, absorbing and dishing out a lot of damage.

Let us know what you think of these details, and whether you're excited about SteamWorld Heist, in the comments.