Super Bell Subway

Earlier today Nintendo finally unveiled its full line-up for the Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2, with a whole host of lovely videos joining the announcement. We've also had a chance to go hands on with everything the DLC has to offer, including 200cc mode, to share our views on how its shaping up. In summary - we like it a lot.

Of course, the videos that we've been able to watch and screens we've gawked at - check the first hyperlink above if you're yet to see them - have helped us all to understand just what we're most excited about in next week's update and DLC-fest. Let's not forget that 200cc racing will be free to all, too, which may or may not give it an edge in the polls to follow.

We want to know which tracks, features and characters your most hyped about, as we all wait patiently - or impatiently - for the new content to drop next week. Click those buttons and type those words in the comments to share the buzz.

And yes, we're planning to run an official online Tournament or two with the new content, assuming the game accommodates it as expected...

Which upcoming mode / content are you most excited about in Mario Kart 8?
Which of the DLC tracks are you most keen to blast around?
Which is your favourite of the new DLC characters?
Which new DLC vehicle do you like the most?
Would you like there to be a third pack of Mario Kart 8 DLC?