Hall of Fame

While any award or honour can be taken completely seriously or dismissed as a trinket, it's nevertheless pleasing when Nintendo's in the running. The latest gong up for grabs is from The Strong National Museum of Play in the US, which is opening its World Video Game Hall of Fame with the first entrant this year. As would be expected of any contest that covers the history of gaming, Nintendo has some iconic games in the running.

Games have been chosen for various reasons, whether for their impact in changing the gaming scene or simply due to their excellence in a particular field. The whole history of gaming seems to be accounted for in the shortlist of 15, from arcades through to smart devices.

The winner will be announced in New York on 4th June, with a committee choosing from the following:

All certainly have a case that can be made, and whatever the result we suspect Nintendo will have various entrants in the Hall of Fame in years to come.

Which game do you think should be the first to receive this honour?

Image Credit: World Video Game Hall of Fame

[source mcvuk.com]