Japanese 3DS owners are never short of options with 3DS HOME menus, and this week's new arrivals are typically diverse and large in number. A few of the fresh options certainly caught our eye, either because of the brand involved or simply because they look neat.

First of all we have Nikki's ongoing survival as a mascot, of sorts. Nintendo Letter Box / Swapnote may be largely ignored now since it became a StreetPass-only tool, and following the arrival of Miiverse on the 3DS, but its host is still popular with some. Nintendo Japan picked out a theme featuring the app and Nikki for its weekly video, below.

There are plenty of other new themes listed for this week in Japan, though we've picked out a few favourites. Two new themes for shoot 'em up remaster Steel Empire are among them, in addition to Doraemon and Sesame Street(!) themes.

Steel Empire1
Steel Empire2
Sesame Street

We'll see how many of these make it to the West in the coming weeks and months - which do you want to pick up?