If you're a Wii U owner in Japan with any affection at all for RPGs, we suspect Xenoblade Chronicles X by Monolith Soft is pinging rather loudly on your radar. The huge adventure arrives in Japan on 29th April, less than a week from today, leaving those of us in the West a tad jealous.

A benefit of the upcoming release is the continual round of updates on the official website, which has plenty of information on modes and locations. Some handsome screens for the volcanic Continent of Black Steel has caught our eye today - hat tip to Siliconera - as they show off what could be a particularly dangerous area. It also looks likely to play into the customisation of avatars with special equipment, with one protagonist merrily running through lava in one image.

We're definitely getting a Lord of the Rings / Mordor vibe from some of these screens - check them out below and let us know what you think.

Xenoblade Black Steel1
Xenoblade Black Steel2
Xenoblade Black Steel3
Xenoblade Black Steel4
Xenoblade Black Steel5
Xenoblade Black Steel6
Xenoblade Black Steel7
Xenoblade Black Steel8
Xenoblade Black Steel9