Stella Glow continues to rumble towards release, despite the peculiar - and perhaps worrying - news of developer Imageepoch's President going missing, while the company's website continues to be down. Reports of the offices being up for rent, the phone line being disconnected and staff leaving all suggest that their are substantial issues for the studio's future.

Stella Glow is being published by SEGA, though, arriving in Japan on 4th June and North America later in the year - Atlus is localising it. With that in mind SEGA has published an extended video to show the game off, also giving some insight into how it'll play.

Though the story is told in chapters, each chapter will kick off with a spell of Free Time - you can use this to strengthen relationships with other party members, explore for items, complete challenges, create weapons and more. It's a limited period of time, so managing it is likely to be important. You then jump into the strategy battle stage, 'Operation' time, which is the core of the gameplay and progresses the storyline.

This certainly looks promising, albeit with the disappointing context that it seems it could be the last project from Imageepoch.

Are you looking forward to this one coming to the West?