This week will bring another download exclusive to the Wii U eShop in North America, with psyscrolr due in the 2nd April download update. With stylised pixel-based visuals, this is an action platformer that also aims to utilise the GamePad extensively in gameplay.

As you can see in the trailer below, this fantasy tale is certainly going for drama.

Actos Games' CEO, Jonathan Meyer, has said the following in the press release accompanying this announcement, also stating that DLC will arrive in the future.

We really want the players to connect with the world of psyscrolr. We've engineered a fantastic soundtrack put together by a joint team of composers, Mauro Zocco and Scott Hitchcock, both two up-and-coming video game music maestros. In particular, we have a sunset level as an homage to Donkey Kong Country: Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze where the entire level is shadowed by the sun. This level is enhanced by Zocco's lazy summer track with an added cicada noise to get the player into the mood. We think you'll really love it.

We feel the story of
psyscrolr serves itself better updated over time. A more episodic feel invites players to want to come back to the world, continue their save, and find more [referring to DLC]. An example are the letters strewn throughout certain levels of the game. There are more secrets we plan to add in a further update, as well as hidden mini-games added to the game to enhance replayability with leaderboards and Miiverse features planned.

We reached out to Meyer regarding European release details, and he's said it'll come to the region at a "later date" once full localisation and ratings are complete.

You can see a series of videos below that introduce more details on this game. Is this a download you'll consider trying out?