Dragon Ball is a hot topic right now, with the recent release of Dragon Ball XenoVerse being much-discussed over on our sister-site Push Square, with high interest and sales being accompanied by some inevitable issues with online servers. When you take a hugely popular franchise and mash-up a range of its characters in a full-on storyline utilising much of its universe, you have a recipe for fan's passions to run high.

One fan of the IP's iconic Goku has joined the ranks of amiibo customisation, too, taking an existing figure of the character and placing them on a Lucario base, and also going to the trouble to produce some fairly handsome packaging in which it can reside. You can see it below.

Goku Amiibo

Though the figure itself wasn't sculpted, it's still impressive how much effort fans sometimes go to in order to celebrate their favourite franchises; when it comes to manga and anime there aren't may IPs more iconic than Dragon Ball.

[source tinycartridge.com, via reddit.com]