The last thing you ever see

In the world of Super Smash Bros., few moves if any are feared more than Jigglypuff's Rest. It is said that getting caught within her split second of impossibly concentrated cuteness is like having every molecule of your being choked and mashed in a loving glomp of death. The soul is lifted to heights of adorable, squishy joy; the physical body cast into hellish pits of agony. Such is the dichotomy of the Balloon Pokémon.

YouTube channel Smash Highlights has dared to forge reason out of feral brutality, documenting the minimum percentage of damage each character needs to have in order for a Rest move to guarantee a kill in the latest game of the series. At the highest end is Shulk bearing his Shield art, while the weakest prey is Jigglypuff herself. Mii Fighters are not represented in this study because oh, the humanity.

Those who are understandably too squeamish to watch the carnage unfold in the above video can also view all the figures in this spreadsheet. Use this data wisely, and may Jig have mercy on your Puff.