It's obvious you don't want to be on the receiving end of Little Mac's KO punch in Super Smash Bros., but not everyone has had a chance to see how determined the glove can be to hit its mark. Probably because not everyone creates scenarios as ridiculous as this.

YouTube account Master0fHyrule took to training mode in the game to set up an unfortunate set of circumstances for Pac-Man. The classic icon stands atop a tower of rolling crates, stacked six high, that is set into motion by a fire hydrant, rolling fatefully toward a powered-up Little Mac like an upside-down exclamation point. The boxer strikes and the boxes smash one by one, Pac-Man descending toward the Fist of Doom.

You have to be lucky enough to not find any interfering items in the crates, but the video shows that even those circumstances can be entertaining as well. Have you ever struck a fantastic scene with Little Mac's knockout punch? Let us know about it below!