Stunning production value

Recently, there have been fairly believable rumours that there is a live-action Zelda series in the making for Netflix. Only time will tell if this show becomes a reality, but it appears that in the meantime fans are taking it upon themselves to fulfil that need for a cinematic live-action Zelda.

A project recently popped up on YouTube that is a collaboration between The Zelda Project and Player Piano to re-enact the final battle between Link and Ganondorf. The Zelda Project is a fan run website based in Los Angeles, California that focuses on recreating various scenes and locales from the Zelda series via photography, film, and art. Player Piano is a YouTube channel run by Filmmaker Tom Grey that primarily focuses on classically-trained musician, Sonya Belousova, recreating video game music on a piano. Both of these groups appear to be quite talented, so this fan-film could definitely be worth a watch when it's completed. Here's the teaser for the film:

What do you think of this? What would you like to see out of a live-action Zelda film or show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.