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This is also the last day that you can redeem points for an eShop activation code in the Nintendo Network Premium Promotion. Head to the official site to check your account. (Thanks to KJ85 for the heads up)

Original Article:

It's time for another reminder, which in this case may require some hours committed to completing surveys or scratching off registration cards. Midnight today (31st March) brings a vital deadline for Club Nintendo, as from 1st April you won't be able - in most cases - to register games in exchange for loyalty stars or coins in your region. That makes midnight an important time today.

There are some key differences between North America and Europe, outlined below.

North America

  • 31st March is the last day to register games or products on Club Nintendo - from 1st April surveys to earn coins will no longer be accessible. This applies to downloads and physical products.
  • Coins can be redeemed for rewards until 30th June, however.
  • Details on this official page.


  • 31st March is the last day to register physical products in exchange for stars, through their registration cards, on Club Nintendo. (Update: this official support Q & A for Europe says that, unless the registration card states an expiration date, these physical items can be registered until 30th September; some customer support staff have said this is the case. We still suggest playing safe and registering today)
  • You have until 20th April to register downloads in exchange for stars, once again through completing surveys on Club Nintendo.
  • Stars can be redeemed for rewards until 30th September.
  • Details on this official page.

Will you be registering some products today to build up your collection of stars or coins? Let us know.