The Super Mario amiibo Gold Edition has been the latest desirable Nintendo product to sell out rapidly online, with pre-orders disappearing almost as fast as they appeared. That may have led some in North America that want the limited edition amiibo to give up or consider over-priced eBay listings, but Nintendo of America has tweeted a message to suggest that there will be non-pre-order stock up for grabs on its launch day.

Set to arrive alongside Mario Party 10 on 20th March, it seems there'll be Gold Mario stock up for grabs in Walmart stores - where it's an exclusive - on that launch day.

We'd certainly regard it as a positive if Nintendo has reserved a healthy portion of stock for day one purchases in stores; if Walmart enforces a one-per-customer rule and ensures all stock goes on shelves (and not 'reserved' by staff) then keen fans should at least have a reasonable chance of grabbing one of these limited edition amiibo.

Are you in North America and contemplating heading out to your local Walmart early on 20th March to try your luck?

Thanks to Benson and all that pointed us to this tweet.