New3 DSart

Not so long ago we shared the news that hackers had found an exploit to make Japanese New Nintendo 3DS systems region-free; notably the creators ensured that it wouldn't support illegal ROMS or homebrew, but only play legitimate cartridges. It was, ultimately, a niche way for region-free gaming on the New Nintendo 3DS, and was seen by some as a chance for North American enthusiasts to enjoy the smaller model.

The exploit has now been tweaked, however, to support European and North American New Nintendo 3DS systems too; again, it gives extra options for dedicated owners that want to play imported carts, for example. Along with a screenshot mod it also, apparently, allows players to run fan-translation patches, which is about as niche as it gets!

It's an intriguing project, but in a sign of its intentions and Nintendo's ongoing security it has plenty of limitations. As before a copy of Cubic Ninja is required to make it work and it only supports out-of-date firmware 8.1.0 / 9.1.0 / 9.2.0; no online gaming or eShop access is possible due to the need to avoid system updates.

It remains a niche exploit, then, but it's interesting to see the efforts some go to in order to enjoy region-free gaming - with legitimate cart copies - on Nintendo's latest hardware.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the heads up.