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When Nintendo announced the New Nintendo 3DS, the use of SNES-colour face buttons triggered a flood of nostalgia in 30-something players all over the globe. However, for some, just having coloured buttons isn't enough - they require the full SNES treatment.

This SNES Edition Decal more than fits the bill - it entirely covers your New Nintendo 3DS in a retro-themed skin and is fashioned from durable vinyl. The cost is £9.48 a piece, with processing time being around 3 to 4 weeks. At the time of writing the initial batch is entirely sold out, but we'd imagine the seller will do another print run in the near future.

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These skins will only fit the standard New Nintendo 3DS - which is only available in Europe, Australia and Japan - but the seller is planning some N3DS XL skins in the near future - so sit tight, North America.

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