This is fan art, amazingly!

We've long suspected that Attack On Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind could be coming to the west - after all, the game has an Australian age rating now - but we're still waiting on official confirmation that it's happening.

It would appear that Atlus USA - the company listed on the Australian rating as the publisher - is teasing something related to the game on its Vine account. You can view the short video below, which shows someone (in the role of a Titan) attacking a row of ketchup packets (presumably representing humans). Seasoned fans of the series will note that the line "Are you the hot dog?" apes the opening lyric of the anime show's theme tune ("Are you the prey? No, we are the hunters").

Could we see an official announcement regarding the western release of the game soon? Let us know what you think, and in the meantime, have a look at some video footage we captured from the Japanese version of the title and read our initial impressions.

Image credit: Goruditai