To those that suggested the rapid removal of online Azure Striker Gunvolt details in Europe - before a tease of upcoming release details for the region - meant a Nintendo Direct was in the offing, a hat tip is due. There is indeed a Nintendo Direct due this week, and it'd be a surprise if Inti Creates and its terrific 3DS action platformer aren't featured in the European segment of the broadcast.

Though formal release details still elude us, possibly until that broadcast, Inti Creates has confirmed that all three of the 3DS HOME Themes released in North America will be coming to Europe and Australia once the title arrives.

We suspect 3DS HOME Themes are doing rather well for Nintendo and those third-parties that have joined in, with a steady stream of new content still arriving on the Theme Shop. As a much anticipated eShop title, this one has a chance of attracting extra interest with its own themes.

How many of you in Europe and Australia are excited about finally getting your hands on Azure Striker Gunvolt?