Woah Dave! developer Choice Provisions has revealed that the game is getting a "Deluxe" update on the 3DS.

Woah Dave! Deluxe - which has just hit Steam - features two new levels, a host of new characters, boss battles, fresh enemy types, UFOs you can ride, a "classic" mode which returns everything to how it was in the standard Woah Dave! release and some additional hidden content.

The new characters include Adoma (Destructamundo), Jr. Melchkin (BIT.TRIP), CommandgirlVideo (BIT.TRIP), Mr. Robotube (Robotube), BlokTom (Bloktonik) and a new secret character that is yet to be revealed.

The Deluxe update will be entirely free of charge on the 3DS - assuming you have the original game, of course - but there's more exciting news. Choice Provisions is also bringing the Deluxe version of the title to the Wii U eShop:

You can check out the trailer for Woah Dave! Deluxe below. We quite liked the original, stating that: "If you're into high-score chasing time-killers, then Woah Dave! deserves your consideration."

Thanks to Ryan Millar for sending this in.