Mario Luigi Cambridge

The historic English city of Cambridge is famous for many things - the beautiful architecture and majestic college buildings, punting down the river Cam and world famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. This sterling reputation as a tourist hotspot for visitors to the UK was tarnished recently when rogue Mario and Luigi impersonators unleashed mayhem on the typically genteel academic city.

Having stolen Mario and Luigi costumes from a fancy dress shop in the city, they proceeded to get drunk and run amok. The not-so-super Mario Bros. found themselves in a spot of bother when they entered a Cambridge music shop and started messing around with the musical instruments on display – trying to play the Super Mario World opening theme tune, we suspect.

The police were promptly called to the scene – a conflict with staff had arisen as Luigi tried to make off with a guitar and keyboard from the shop.

When the case was taken to court the rapscallion dressed as Mario was ordered to pay £25.99 compensation for the stolen costume and given a suspended sentence for the incident. Let's hope this is the end of such drunken Super Mario hijinks in Cambridge, the local residents already have enough to contend with due to an aggressive swan called Mr Asbo.