The Mother series, and most notably EarthBound on the Super NES and now Wii U Virtual Console, remains a cult favourite for plenty of Nintendo fans. Off the wall and riddled with peculiarities and referential jokes, these games remain a source of inspiration for many.

Fans often bemoan that the series has effectively drawn to a close, with no notable progress on any fresh entries in recent times. Supporters of the series have stepped up, however, and that means that the fan-made Mother 4 is now close to a summer release on PC and Mac. In a sign of generosity and perhaps to try and avoid problems with Nintendo, it's entirely free and has never been crowdfunded. As the official website says - "Mother 4 is made for fans, by fans."

The group has now released the longest trailer yet to show off the upcoming release - it's predictably full of zany moments and peculiar characters, as would be expected. Check it out below and let us know what you think.