Retro City Rampage DX

Retro City Rampage DX certainly stands among a core collection of top-notch download games on the 3DS eShop; while also available on WiiWare - now updated to its DX form on the home console - it's the portable iteration that seems to have won over Nintendo fans. While it originally matched up in content with versions such as those on PC, developer Vblank Studios - primarily Brian Provinciano - has nevertheless kept the game updates coming.

The latest update hits Europe today and North America soon - it's awaiting approval in the latter region - and has plenty to offer both those with a standard 3DS and others jumping into the New modes. To start with improvements for all 3DS owners, the update will lock performance at 60FPS - to do this all new rendering code has been implemented. In addition cop coins will have an option to be turned on and off, and there have been improvements to the Spanish translation.

Moving onto the New Nintendo 3DS, the update brings notable additional improvements.

It unlocks the full power of the new, faster CPU, by running RCR:DX natively on New Nintendo 3DS systems. With their faster CPU, fast-forwarding, screen effects, turbo mode, and everything else are now as smooth as the console versions.

With the New Nintendo 3DS C-Stick, you can now aim, attack, and shoot like a twin-stick shooter.

This status update brings more positive news for fans of the developer, as he states that support for the 3DS version brings an emphatic "Yes" to the question of whether he'll develop another game for the Nintendo portable. Provinciano has been delivering updates for Retro City Rampage for a significant amount of time, but it's exciting to hear that his future plans include 3DS support.

Are you a fan of this game, or perhaps contemplating taking the plunge? You should certainly consider it.