Having fun, guys?

Stat company Nielsen has conducted a US-based survey to discover what the five key factors are behind people buying a modern home console, and in Nintendo's case, it's a rather unsurprising list of points.

According to the study, the top reason for purchasing a Wii U is its perceived "Fun Factor", while the console's kiddy-friendly nature comes second. Third is the value of the system - it's cheaper than both the PS4 and Xbox One - while Backwards Compatibility with the previous Wii system comes in at fourth. The final point is Exclusive Games, of which Nintendo has plenty.

In comparison, the top reason for buying a PS4 is its "Better Resolution", while in the Xbox One's case, it's the power of the brand which convinces most buyers to take the plunge.

Console Purchase Factors

Another key stat taken from the study is that nine in ten buyers have previously owned a console before. When it comes to brand loyality, Nintendo wins out - 86 percent of Wii U owners previously owned a Wii, while only 76 percent of Xbox One owners had an Xbox 360 in the past and 66 percent of PS4 buyers had a PS3 before.

Lifetime Ownership

Do you agree with the five points found in this study? Were they factors in your decision to buy a Wii U? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

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