Iwata Pillars

Just recently Nintendo delayed its financial results presentation and investor's Q & A until 17th February, an uncommon move for the company. Its latest financial results had brought a mixed outcome, with smart business streamlining and a weak yen increasing net profit projections, but a drop in overall expected sales and operational profit leading to a modest fall in share prices; as a result Satoru Iwata and his management colleagues are likely to face tough questions on Nintendo's plans and prospects.

One area that may be addressed is Quality of Life - last year Nintendo gave a brief reveal of a Sleep Sensor, which looks to be the first product for the QoL platform. Though the briefing is delayed, Satoru Iwata has clearly been conducting key interviews with the press in Japan, and the latest to emerge - through Asahi - addresses the question of Nintendo's approach to multiple platforms and 'pillars' of its business. Ever since QoL was revealed, cited as a vital evolution for the company to achieve 'Nintendo-like' profits, plenty of gamers have expressed concern that it could distract the company from the important business of making games and related hardware.

Satoru Iwata has consistently stated that he doesn't expect QoL to detract from Nintendo's gaming business, and has insisted that these pillars could remain completely separate. In that Asahi interview he reportedly states that it's "not necessary to be particular about game hardware", in that the sleep sensor need not be related to Nintendo's gaming systems. It's also reiterated - as it was when the sensor was revealed - that Nintendo will nevertheless use its experience in gaming to make the sensor and its related apps / software appealing.

Leveraging our video game know-how, we'll make it so even those who have trouble following through can stick with this program and have fun.

With the Health market cited as a way to reclaim some customers - Wii Fit U struggled a great deal in comparison to its Wii predecessors - Nintendo's reportedly also looking at other markets where it may succeed, with Education mentioned as an area of interest.

We'd be surprised if QoL and this third 'pillar' of business isn't mentioned in Nintendo's upcoming financial presentation; while the big N is likely to be making games and consoles for many years yet, it seems intent to expand and evolve in order to prosper.

[source kotaku.com, via asahi.com]