Rose Colored Gaming is a fairly familiar name here on Nintendo Life, with the bespoke hardware and retro goods company producing a host of desirable - and pricey - gadgets in recent years. Often its work produces stylish cartridges and hardware mods, but its now taking a leap into its own range of Game Boy-inspired portables.

First of all, in terms of design, it's a chunky Game Boy shape with four face buttons and another two buttons on the back; the latter will serve as shoulder buttons - it'll also have a HDMI input with the option to use the portable as a controller on the TV, via usb. You can see the different mock-ups below.


In terms of how they'll work, they'll be based off the super-cheap Raspberry Pi PC board - we'd like to think this'll keep costs down, but these custom units from Rose Colored Games are often rather pricey. That brings us the grey area of the fact this will run ROMS, and unlike physical hardware machines like the Retron this'll be a matter of trust and personal ethics when it comes to downloading retro games that you own, or otherwise.

This is taken from the reveal post:

Raspberry-pi based. Plays over 10+ systems at full speed including:

MAME (Various Arcade)
GameBoy Color
GameBoy Advance
Turbo/PC - Engine
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis
Apple 2
Atari 2600

And More!

It's a sticky area, but a somewhat inevitable progression for Rose Colored Gaming. It's not one for Virtual Console purists, and as always it's down to how the principle of ROMS is adapted by individual players - backups and convenient access to games you own, or simply downloading any desired retro game?

In any case it's a rather attractive design from the hardware modder, which we imagine will keep producing more conventional retro Nintendo gear beyond this new creation.