Today is the day that Europe and North America finally get their hands on the New Nintendo 3DS, with many of you either pre-ordering or picking up your console in person.

But now you have your system, what are you supposed to do with it? Well, you could play that new copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, for example, and we wouldn't blame you for busting that one out - but here's something else you can do, something that Nintendo hasn't really spoken about a great deal.

An updated Internet Browser comes with the New Nintendo 3DS, and thanks to its implementation of HTML5 it is now entirely possible to watch 3-Dimensional movies on YouTube. Finally. All you need to do is browse to YouTube, find a 3D video and watch it as normal - on the bottom of the screen you'll see some new viewing options to make the effect work.

Here's a 2D video from us, because we're nice like that, showing you exactly how it's done:

Of course, what this wonderful new feature means is we can now offer up some 3D videos of our own. We're not messing about, we've already made one - we've used a ROM of Wario Land on the Virtual Boy (yes, we own the game) to create some 3D footage. It shows off the effect and brings us the 3D Virtual Boy action on the 3DS that we've secretly been hoping for all along.

As stated in the video above, head on over to our channel on your New 3DS browser to watch it, though it's also below so you can also easily access it from here on any other 3D screens you have, such as a TV.

If you want more videos like this (and we hope you do), then let us know right now. If enough people like this idea we'll keep making more. Enjoy!