Screen Shots Three

It seems like there's currently a renaissance of sorts happening regarding retro RPGs. Seeking to recreate the glory days of Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, many indie developers are putting out RPGs featuring sprites, classes, towns, turn-based combat, and all the trimmings of the RPG days of yore.

Candlelight Studios is one such budding developer. The whole operation is run by one man, Joshua Temblett, and he's looking to break into the game-making business with his upcoming game, Untold Story. The RPG is being developed with the exact limitations of the NES hardware, as Temblett says that the limitations breed creativity and that he wants the focus to be on the story.

Slated for release during the first half of this year on Windows PC, we reached out to the developer enquiring as to whether or not this Nintendo-inspired game would get a Wii U release; he had this to say:

I would love nothing more than to bring Untold Story to the Wii U, it does have NES inspired graphics after all!

I've estimated that in order to bring Untold Story to the Wii U it would cost between £2,500 - £5,000, that's including language translation to get it onto each region's eShop, as well as paying for each region's rating services (ESRB, Pegi etc). Unfortunately, I can't afford such an amount right now.

My aim is to release Untold Story first on Windows, and then looking into releasing it on the Wii U when I have the funds.

There's a running developer diary that gets updated once per week on the main site that's documenting the progress of the game's development. Perhaps if the fates are kind we could see this game on the eShop storefront one day.

What do you think? Would you like to see this game come to the eShop? Sound off in the comments below.