At the beginning of this week we raised the point that it'd be nice for Nintendo to sell its amazing soundtracks to us, as we explained that it's not convenient and accessible for all fans to redeem stars and coins on Club Nintendo, for example. We cited the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D soundtrack as one we'd like to see put on sale through iTunes, Google Play etc, as the New Nintendo 3DS port gears up to bring the terrific Wii title back.

Nintendo's up to its old tricks of limited distribution - though a little more accessible this time - with the company's Japanese Twitter account announcing that first print copies of the New Nintendo 3DS port will come with the same Special Soundtrack CD that was around with the Wii release.

This repeats a similar promotion that came with the Wii version, and apparently this CD was only available through Club Nintendo in Europe. It's far from being the full soundtrack, but still has a handsome tracklist.

  • Main Theme - Yoko Shimomura
  • Colony 9 - Yoko Shimomura
  • Time to Fight - Yoko Shimomura
  • Gaur Plain - ACE+
  • Memories - Manami Kiyoto
  • Forest of the Nopon - Manami Kiyoto
  • You Will Know Our Names - ACE+
  • Mechonis Field - ACE+
  • Engage the Enemy - ACE+
  • Bionis' Awakening - Manami Kiyoto
  • Once We Part Ways - ACE+
  • Beyond the Sky

We'll find out soon enough whether this same promotion will make it to the West - unlike with the Wii original. In the meantime we still hope that Nintendo will simply post the music to online retailers for us to buy and download. We're ready to buy if Nintendo's selling.