Strange accessories are part of the game with Nintendo systems, as entrepreneurial individuals aim to help us fix problems we didn't know we had. The Wii had plastic sports bats and rackets for Wii Remotes, for example, so that it was easier for us to hit virtual tennis balls, or something.

There are few problems a silly bit of plastic can't fix, though, so we now have push guards that will be 'compatible' with the New Nintendo 3DS. This is a plastic door that goes over the game card slot to stop them popping out unexpectedly, as you can see below.


Apparently this can be a problem, especially for those that leave games running, put their systems in sleep and then carry them around in a bag, for example. It seems like a rare issue, though, and despite the New Nintendo 3DS having its game card slot on the bottom we've never even come close to inadvertently popping a game out.

If you really want one of these push guards we suspect they'll pop up on import stores and Amazon soon enough. We're unsure of whether these are at all necessary, but you can enlighten us on their virtues in the comments below (or agree that they're a bit bizarre).