Last year we reported on some humorous details from the official Nintendo Character Manual of 1993 - it was provided to companies and brand agents to ostensibly provide key facts around these characters. The main revelation on that occasion was that Yoshi's real name is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas; this merely reasserted our belief that Yoshi is a dinosaur, though we certainly wondered what the T stood for. It was Blake Harris - author of the novel Console Wars - that had revealed the previously confidential information, and he's now revealed more fun details for us to enjoy and question endlessly.

Though these are 'official' details on the characters, they're iffy enough that we wonder whether someone at Nintendo of America was making them up as they went along. Take the page below, for example, which suggests that Wario is not an evil twin of Mario - as some assumed - but is actually a former childhood friend.


In a profile page on Mario, meanwhile, we're told that the plumber's favourite kinds of music are opera or new wave Euro-pop, diverse offerings that do nevertheless play into his Italian stereotyping.

Moving on to Nintendo Life HQ favourite Bowser, he's apparently so petty and unpopular that his reason for invading the Mushroom Kingdom was simply to crush the happiness of inoffensive fungi.

Bowser Page

We're also given information on Princess Peach's white magic capabilities and a surprisingly heavy back-story for Toad.

Peach Page
Toad Lore

Finally, the author for this guide decided that puns were the way forward when summarising Kirby.


Some fun revelations to debate, though not too seriously, we'd suggest.

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