Pac Man Smash

'For Glory' is an online mode in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS that houses the game's most competitive players. Unlike the 'For Fun' alternative, it prevents the use of items and allows Final Destination versions of each stage only, ensuring a fair game to determine who the better combatant truly is. Many players strive to rack-up a solid win-loss ratio - both in 1-on-1 and 2v2 situations - and will do anything to achieve this.

Smashboards (a forum for the Smash community) member Turbopasta has recently discovered a virtually unbeatable strategy in 2v2 matches. Both players of the team must choose Pac-Man, and the first player must use their Up+B special ('Pac-jump') to create a trampoline underneath their Pac-Man. This is then followed by the second player jumping on the trampoline and activating their own 'Pac-jump' special. Bear in mind that the trampoline can only be bounced on (by any character) up to three times before it vanishes. After this first sequence has started, the players must then alternate their trampoline special by repeatedly spamming Up+B as they jump off of the previous trampoline. It's worth noting that no character can be KO'd by going too far off screen without being launched by an opposing character. Therefore, the two Pac-Man users are invulnerable from the opposing team's attacks. However, there is a ray of hope - players who use characters with vertical projectiles such as Pikachu, Ness, and Pit will be able to counter this strategy.

Turbopasta has also given a warning for those people looking to try this tactic:

One thing that's important to mention here: if you ONLY do up-B inputs on the controller, the game will think you are idling and kick you after 45 seconds or so. The way to counteract this is by doing a quick FULL CIRCLE MOTION on the directional stick while not pressing the B button. Immediately once the the rotation is done, go back to spamming up-B. I found it best to verbally communicate with my doubles partner so we could take turns doing this, so as to reduce the risk of moving away from the other player, if only by a little bit.

Check out the video below to see how this works - and how frustrating it must be for the other team. Of course, if the opposing team hasn't committed suicide already, their inevitable KO will follow via the falling Bob-ombs when the match reaches 'Sudden Death'.