The new 3DS version is already out in Japan

Petit Computer is one of the most intriguing apps on the DSi Shop / 3DS eShop, as it allows users to utilise the BASIC code-base to create small games on the DSi hardware or - courtesy of backward compatibility - the 3DS. A 3DS eShop version is on the way, however, which hit Japan - with the name SmileBASIC - last November; it's coming to the West, but no release dates have been given as yet.

It may not be far away, however, as a notification on the European eShop - posted following last week's download update - advises that the app will no longer be available for download in the region after 31st January; those that already own the app will be able to re-download it at their leisure, however. It could be a sign that the localised version for the West isn't far away, but on the flipside could be down to the end of an agreement with the original's publisher, Gamebridge - developer Smileboom is publishing the new 3DS entry itself.

We're certainly looking forward to the new Petit Computer, as we were fans of the concept on DSiWare. It's set to be more powerful on the current-gen hardware, for example, with Smileboom president Takaki Kobayashi saying the following last year.

Currently, we are developing a new Petitcom (SmileBASIC) for the 3DS. This software allows you to easily implement the stereoscopic camera, touch panel, and sensors with BASIC commands, making it possible to create 2D games in BASIC that are on the level of a Super Famicom or PlayStation game. I believe that if there's an environment allowing you to easily make games, there will be young people who will show us new ideas that no one's ever seen before. It is our hope that young people will create something we never could have imagined.

Are you planning to grab the DSiWare version before it disappears, or will you wait patiently for the 3DS version? Let us know.