Hyrule Warriors raised plenty of eyebrows when it was announced in December 2013, blending the hack and slash action of the Warriors franchise with one of Nintendo's most treasured IPs. Koei Tecmo did a rather good job, earning some critical acclaim as the release was also generally well-received by fans.

It's evidently performed relatively well at retail, too, with recent unofficial fan figures placing it as a stronger seller than some of its Warriors contemporaries, which is impressive considering the relatively limited Wii U userbase. While firm numbers may emerge in upcoming financial reports, the company has nevertheless released some handsome wallpaper to celebrate a landmark of one million units shipped. That's not units sold, it should be noted, but is still a sign of success for the cross-over action title.

Regardless of that the wallpapers are certainly worth consideration for your phones and PCs. You can see them below, while the official website link provided at the end offers a variety of resolutions to choose from.


[source gamecity.ne.jp, via neogaf.com]