2 DS MK7

Though the New Nintendo 3DS is now just a few weeks away, it won't be the perfect option for everyone. The 2DS - with its tablet design and 2D-only screen - is targeted at young children, or those that fancy a change from Nintendo's clamshell systems. For those in the UK that have been contemplating one of the handhelds, retailer GAME is now offering a better deal on a rather decent bundle.

It's the blue model that also includes a copy of Mario Kart 7, and it's currently a rather decent £79.99 online; it's often possible to grab the hardware alone for that price, or add a major game release for £99.99, but this represents a pretty enticing deal. It should be noted that the same bundle is £99.99 in GAME's stores.

It's certainly an affordable option if anyone still needs to grab a 2DS. Do you know any young - or old - gamers that are still keen on Nintendo's tablet-esque handheld?

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