In the first Nintendo Direct broadcasts of 2015 the amiibo brand played its part, with new figures announced to keep the action going in both Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and a fresh range to make an impact in Mario Party 10. Many of the toys will support a wide range of games in different ways, but it's in these two releases that they'll be most prominent in the next few months.

For starters, the fourth wave of Smash Bros. figures was finally unveiled, and among luminaries such as Pac-Man and Wario, it's Ness that stands out; we expect demand for that toy to be particularly high. You can see the wave 4 figures below.

Super Smash Bros. - Wave 4

Amiibo Char30 Robin
Amiibo Char31 Lucina
Amiibo Char32 Wario
Amiibo Char33 Charizard
Amiibo Char34 Pac Man
Amiibo Char35 Ness

Next up there is the new Super Mario range, which includes Toad and will be marketed heavily with Mario Party 10. The arrival of Toad is significant, as that will be the only amiibo to support Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Unlike a number of the Smash Bros. toys that feature plastic supports due to the posing of the figures, these are posed in such a way that supports aren't required.

Super Mario Range

Amiibo Supermario Char Lineup
Amiibo Supermario Char01 a Mario
Amiibo Supermario Char02 Peach
Amiibo Supermario Char03 Toad
Amiibo Supermario Char04 Luigi
Amiibo Supermario Char05 Yoshi
Amiibo Supermario Char06 Bowser

We're rather looking forward to yet more amiibo arriving, even if we do fear for our bank balances. The Super Mario range is due on 20th March alongside Mario Party 10, while wave four in the Smash Bros. range will hit in May. Which are your favourites?