Ball or Nothing

The Wii U eShop has been an intriguing platform, particularly in North America; development names such as RCMADIAX, ZeNfA Productions, TreeFall Studios and Nexis Games have made début appearances on the hardware. The results have been erratic - in our view - with some highs and other lows, with the support of these projects and the Nintendo Web Framework (in some cases) stimulating plenty of debate.

Nexis Games, for its part, was heavily criticised here in our review for its first game, BrickBlast U, but has since announced and grabbed attention with ambitious projects including UCraft, which is making bold promises of a large open world and world building clearly inspired by Minecraft. With that project going from Wii U-exclusive to PC and Wii U, and due to its release window being pushed out into later this year, the studio has now announced its first title for 2015 - bAll or Nothing. Announced on Nintendonuggets - which is associated with the studio - it's confirmed to already be in lotcheck with Nintendo of America, with a planned release price of $1.99.

As you can see in the video below it utilises the concept popularised in Super Monkey Ball, and reminds us - in gameplay terms - of early 2014 Wii U release Percy's Predicament.

We're seeing a number of projects from enthusiastic developers in North America - Midnight was recently confirmed, and includes a SPIKEY WALLS crossover level - though in Europe many are yet to be released. These games certainly qualify as more entries from this emerging group that can prompt varied debate with their releases.

Do you like the look of bAll or Nothing as an upcoming budget release on Wii U? Let us know.