It looks complicated

Just recently Atlus revealed a couple of exciting projects, including an Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon mash-up being developed exclusively for 3DS by its own team and Spike Chunsoft — the Etrian Odyssey series is well known in the West, though Mystery Dungeon has had a patchier record with localisation. Thankfully Atlus is keen to change that, confirming that the game will come to the West as Etrian Mystery Dungeon and will arrive in North America during Spring 2015 for $39.99.

Described as a "turn-based action RPG roguelike" — a description that'll surely get some 3DS owners hot and bothered — this will have Etrian Odyssey's RPG touches with the party and class system, but with a world full of Mystery Dungeon-style randomly generated areas. The pre-press release blurb goes into detail, while also being more entertaining than the actual press release.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon... blends the world of Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon. So what does that mean?

Well, for one: a metric buttload of customization. Etrian Odyssey's character leveling system drives the party mechanics in EMD, and the infinitely random nature of Mystery Dungeon means tons of loot and equipment to further customize.

Second, it means there's a metric buttload of exploration. The dungeons are all created at random, populated with monsters, traps, loot, and more. Going back to the small nearby village of Aslarga to sell, heal/gear up, and sometimes form rescue party will be a well-worn trip for players.

Third, the traditional first-person view of Etrian Odyssey is exchanged for a fixed perspective where you control a group of up to four characters. In typical roguelike fashion, every step matters, making combat an intricate and ever-changing challenge.

No release window has been given for Europe as yet, though in recent times Atlus has been consistent in supporting the region, albeit often taking a little longer to complete localisation.

Are any of you already planning to pick this one up? Let us know, while below is the Japanese trailer that was released with the initial reveal.