We wouldn't be happy either

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric hits North American stores this week after the release date was brought forward slightly, yet here at Nintendo Life we're still waiting patiently for our review copy to arrive. This could have something to do with the reaction Sega is expecting the Wii U exclusive to receive — judging from some early gameplay footage, it seems to have more than its fair share of problems.

As you can see from the video below (which contains some bad language, so be warned), Rise of Lyric is plagued with muddy textures, bland-looking landscapes and a wildly fluctuating frame rate, but skip to 18 minutes, 39 seconds in and you'll spot something rather more worrying — our hedgehog hero falls clean through the landscape and plummets into endless oblivion, and the only way to arrest his descent is to quit the game.

Given the close proximity of the game's release, it's fair to assume that this is the final version of Rise of Lyric, although Sega will presumably be able to issue a downloadable patch to solve problems such as this one.

Of course, Sonic games are no strangers to bugs of this kind — Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast was rushed to its Japanese launch and suffered from similar problems. Even so, Sega has been hyping this title considerably — it's part of a multimedia blitz which includes a TV show and plenty of merchandise, so the fact that developer Big Red Button appears to have supplied a flawed title surely won't please the higher-ups at Sega.

Still, we'll reserve final judgement until we're actually played the final game ourselves (we quite liked it at E3), which should be any day now. Right, Sega?